Teleporting: /rtp – Teleports you somewhere random in the world you are in /spawn – Takes you back to spawn /sethome – Sets a home at your location /home – Takes you to a home that you set /tpa [player] – Sends a teleport request to a specified player to teleport to them /tpahere [player]

Crates can be purchased through the store, link above. There is a 3.125% chance for all winnings in all crates. Common Crate 64 Arrows 64 Oak Wood 64 Spruce Wood 64 Birch Wood 64 Jungle Wood 64 White Wool 64 Coal 16 Eggs 32 Leather 32 String 32 Feathers 16 Slimeballs 32 Books 1 Flint

So, you’ve donated for a Gold or higher rank. This means you have access to our unique VIP area, the Golden Palace. In this area we currently have an upper floor, which is for all of the magic mods and an in development lower floor which will house all the rooms to help with tech