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Donator Rank Updates! - Light - 18-03-2018

Treat yo'self

[Image: QWcMbHe.png]

Right, so in addition to all the new updates/upgrades we have planned for the server, myself and Ozicarus have come up with a new donator rank you can upgrade to or purchase [if you'd like].

The new rank,  Emerald, is a step above Diamond in a few ways; you get more claim blocks, unlimited homes and even the ability to fly! We felt bad for Diamond donators, so we also gave them access to /feed.

Now each donator rank *ABOVE COPPER* can take on additional jobs in a multiple of 2
*EXAMPLE* silver can now take 2 additional, gold gets 4 and so on.

We at PGN hope you continue to enjoy playing here! -Cheers!

hahaha you thought I was going to tell you everything!? not just yet Wink