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Much Ado About Money - Ozicarus - 08-05-2018

Thank you for your donations!

It's been crazy watching the donation goal get completely smashed time and time again these past few months, we really can't thank you enough. In all the years we've been doing this, we've usually only been able to cover our base hosting costs and nothing more - but we're now presented with the unique opportunity to invest in new hardware and niceties. 

More details will be revealed towards the start of June, but I can assure you that plans are being made for a second, significantly more robust, physical server to host our more demanding games (e.g. Minecraft). We're being very careful as we expand to ensure long-term sustainability - both in terms of the software we're using on the backend/how we manage stuff, and financially. 

Are you/do you know a graphic designer, artist or general creative type who can do some work for us? We're looking for a real background to the website, and ideally a new logo. Please do get in touch via. Discord @Ozicarus#8421.

As usual, thanks for playing!
- Ozi