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Eat, Sleep, Dev, Repeat - Ozicarus - 26-06-2018

Or: 'Please stop messaging us, servers are coming!'

With the launch of Trouble in Terrorist Town, I figured i'd give you all a quick update on the progress of our servers, as well as a round-up of this week's changes.

- Pixelmon - Should be launching either this week or the next, pending an update.
- Sky Factory 3 - I expect around a week to complete development, expected launch is early July.
A mystery 1.10.2 server - Still to be decided, but will launch almost immediately after Sky Factory.

- You can now buy claim blocks in the store at a reduced rate (as compared to buying them as part of a donator pack)
- Trouble in Terrorist Town donations will arrive in the next day or two, we'll ping you on Discord when these are live.

You can apply for staff through our forums! Please do apply, we'll be ramping up recruitment in preparation for the new servers.
- Just because the server can handle it, doesn't mean you should be letting your mob farms and mining go wild. Same rules apply.

As usual, thanks for playing!