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Infinity Evolved Reset - Ozicarus - 23-07-2018


Hi all,

Earlier today, Infinity Evolved crashed and the map became corrupted. It became apparent that our backup system for Infinity Evolved failed around 2 weeks ago - and so the most recent backups we had were from that time. We were able to restore all player inventories and the vast majority of the world (only regions modified in the previous 24 hours were rolled back). 

We were planning to reset mid August, and our intention was to allow players to carry their items across. Upon consulting with some of you in Discord, the vast majority decided that they would rather have a full reset - and so we took the opportunity to do so today given that some of our most active players had lost their bases.

Data such as your played time, rank, griefprevention claim blocks and the like are not affected. All other playerdata and world-rooted data are, of course, reset.

We have rectified the backup issue, and are taking steps to ensure it won't happen again. Be assured that the world will not reset again until 2019.

Thanks for playing,