GMod Trouble in Terrorist Town is now live! - Just search for 'Proton Gaming' in the browser

A New Lick of Everything

We've been hard at work improving the website, here's a quick rundown of what's changed!

Help Center
Log jobs, get the help you need

No longer do you have to stalk and poke at staff, simply head over to the 'Help Center' and create a new ticket, you'll get a notification on the forum when it's updated (and an email, if you've enabled those). 

User Profiles
More customisation, more happy

[Image: L8xx2HD.png]

We've heard it all before

Supplementary to the Help Center is a Docs section, where we'll be putting solutions for commonly asked questions, all in one convenient, searchable place.

  • The Buycraft store has been re-integrated (yaaaay)
  • Punishments can be viewed online (soon)
  • ChestShop Purchases can be viewed online (soon)
  • Server pages are actually 'live' and maintainable, and real time announcements for extended downtime/planned maintenance can be displayed at the top of every page
  • Improved performance, faster loading times
  • Simplified (and more attractive, c'mon) design for an all-round better experience
  • User accounts have been carried across - so no need to create a new one
It's been a huge undertaking, but we're glad to finally have a site that's fit for purpose and can grow with us through 2018 - we hope you enjoy using it. 

Whether old or new to PGN, thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me, and to everyone else on the staff team.


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