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Accepted Staff Application

OK so here i am applying for staff Big Grin

1. My ign is Jolusos

2. Discord is Laurino34#7438

3. Timezone is CET (Germany)

4. I am interrested in staffing the Minecraft Infinity Evolved Server

5. I would describe myself as someone who when he starts something he has to finish it before doing anything else also i am very passionate about other peoples problems as you can probably guess i play on the server evry day and i try to help anyone who is in need of help

6. I can bring a helpful hand to the team maybe even a test object for jimmy (the head-admin) because were in the same timezone and speak the same language. Why? Because i really like this server and wanna help it out, i saw the massive increase of players in the last few days and thought you could need some help

7. Yes i can, once a player asked me to help him with a problem he had with his smeltery not melting a certain block completely so we tried everything for like half an hour until it finally worked

8. I would first of all if possible go vanish tp to him and make a screenshot of him in action so i can prove it to him if he doesnt want to accept that he has been caught that he really has been caught (it makes things easier in most cases) then i would ask him if he could tell me what he has been doing with this and what he has been duping and whether he can destroy the duped items and stop duping or if he is not accepting his abuse of the system and has to be purged and/or banned for like a day or two if it was the first time.

9. okay so firstly i would ask him to stop and if he could change his attidute and ask what the other player even did to him (maybe there was some griefing going on or smth). if the cause is not clear or there is no cause and he is just being disrespectful i would tell him to stop or (if that even works) mute him for like 5 minutes so he can calm down

10. I was a staff on a few servers back when i was really active on minecraft in like 2015 2016 i recently came back like 3 months ago but im always open to learn new stuff if needed

11. I wanna say thank you for reading this whole thing \(^-^)/ and also that the server is awesome i hope its gonna stay online

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