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Post setup -> Win prizes! (Closed)

I thought i'd lead by example a bit here in an effort to get some conversation going on this forum! So, here's the schtick:

1. Snap a picture of your setup - be it a laptop on a bed, a quadruple screen monstrosity, or a datacenter to put Google's to shame.

2. We'll hand out a bonus $10,000 for the best one, as voted on through a poll in this thread after the competition closes (28/05/2018 20:00 GMT) - NOW CLOSED. Winners will be announced on Tuesday (29/05) evening via. Discord/in-game.

You'll get $1000 just for taking part - put your in-game name in the post (or in your profile) and we'll pay this out at the end.

Good luck!

(Staff are excluded from voting/prizes, but welcome to take part)

Thocculs and Robbot12345 - $5k each, and everyone gets $1k. This has been credited to your accounts, thanks for taking part!

[Image: F8O21v4.jpg]
[Image: UwblfQa.jpg]

Here is my mess of a setup. Don't remind me I need to destroy it all afterwards!

My really strong carrot build, 69TB ram, nvidia titan XXX, intel core I47, as seen some pretty insane specs there.

Also got my chopsticks under the league of legends worlds hat cause im asian and need them close by, I feel uneasy if I don't have them.

[Image: IEzBLto.jpg][Image: ccK8jU7.jpg][Image: h1ddpOx.jpg]
Hmu for some fun if ya catch my drift [Image: c90a58a821ce15bb04f0394c1abe5f38.svg]


Razer Ornata Keyboard,
Razer Aby Mouse
Razer Kracken V2

One of the company's i used to work for got some free razor shizz and I asked to take some excess stock Big Grin

[Image: 2rniqfr.jpg]
[Image: m8nu3t.gif]

[Image: 289ybt4.jpg]

sorry for my nick, I'm thocculs, and this is my setup:

Monitors: Sanmsung s23g350 x3
Video card (I have 2 but now I am with the one mentioned at the beginning): Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini 8Gb, and Video Plate Asus Rog Strix OC GeForce Gtx 1080 Ti 11gb
Ram: 16 Gbs DDR5
Power source: Temaltek 630 Reals
Cabinet: Thermaltake Core P5 Transparent Wall Mount
Mouse: CoreGamer

[Image: An7LdWU.jpg]

[Image: PP0WInT.jpg]

my components are going to go inside the cabinet that arrives tomorrow morning, which is this ...

[Image: gabinete-thermaltake-core-p5-transparent...017-O.webp]
and this is a closer view of the monitors

[Image: urEtueg.jpg]

PD: The orange is the old cabinet, since I need it to turn on my computer I leave it there until I can sell it

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