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Hello, give me money

if me [Image: 88e1c7830dd53d39ad610d683d72bd7a.svg] and my snake [Image: b2b6a3c4ecc6af020a67a160ea8a8bb8.svg][Image: dcbf6274f0ce0f393d064a72db2c8913.svg] both drowning [Image: 5698d13f526f64539772f38b9992196c.svg] and I can only save one [Image: 4dc13fd52f691020a1308c5b6cbc6f49.svg] there will be no survivors [Image: 9e1c3ddc9da7effefe8a370b7c33ed7b.svg][Image: dc0a6320d907631d34e6655dff176295.svg] cause I don't own a snake[Image: 8fee3f6705505729fea8c7379934d794.svg] and I want 2 die anyway [Image: 3071dbc60204c84ca0cf423b8b08a204.svg][Image: 6f1049fe11f5b6bc18d9227fb29d237b.svg]
Hmu for some fun if ya catch my drift [Image: c90a58a821ce15bb04f0394c1abe5f38.svg]

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