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Ban Appeals 101


So you've been banned - whether it was for splashing your NSFW picture collection on the walls of a TTT map, or repeatedly being rude to another player on Infinity Evolved... this is the place to ask for forgiveness. Fill in the form below in to a new thread titled 'Ban Appeal' and wait for a verdict. If your appeal is denied, you may not make another one - you will be banned from the forum and the additional thread deleted. If you use this as a place to vent your anger with profanity and personal attacks, please be assured that it'll go unheard. Our staff do the best they can, but sometimes they make mistakes. Please be civil.

Ban Appeal

1. What's your in-game name?

2. And your Discord name? (If you'd like us to be able to message you back for an extended discussion)

3. Which server(s) does this concern?

4. Why were you banned? Who by? (If you know)

6. Why should you be unbanned?
If you have the time to read this signature, you have the time to read the rules.

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