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Accepted Staff Application

Before i start i would like to thank you for reading and receiving my application Big Grin

1. What's your in-game name?
Newe (currently but soon to be MaZTaT) MaZTaT is what i use for majority of everything else (Steam, Discord etc)

2. And your Discord name?
3. Your timezone?
4. Which server(s) are you interested in staffing?
Minecraft Modded (Infinity Evolved)
5. How would you describe yourself?
I describe myself as a very simple and to the point person, i have played this game for about 6 years, and have essentially wasted my youth on it. However along my journey i have come far and wide, been able to meet awesome people and be helped by them! So now i have decided that i would enjoy doing what others have done to me in the past and help off new players on their adventures and so they can experience the wonderful things I've been through. I currently have 1 day and 7 hours of playtime on the server which majority of that I've shared helping and being helped by others. 
6. What can you bring to the staff team? Why do you want to be staff?
I feel with me on the staff team i will be able to help the players with their hardest parts in the difficult mods such as: newbies not knowing the basics as some mods can be tricky when starting alone, i will be there waiting for them to help them and supply them with as much information as possible. I have played through many of the mods, in multiple different occasions, and i'm pretty sure i currently know majority of what all the items do which comes in handy when i comes to helping others with their needs.
7. Can you give an example of when you've helped out a player on one of our servers?
Several occasions on the server:
-I helped Maxi873 with his base on certain mods like thaumcraft when he was stuck as he did not understand that the osmotic enchanter need obsidian totems instead of obsidian tiles.
-There has been multiple occasions when someone has asked in chat for help or an item where i will do one of two things to help them:
a) Supply them with the item, depending the rarity of the actual item, either selling it to them at the usual or lower price or giving them it for free (only if its cheap like an oak sapling etc).
b) If i cannot get the item but i know of others who can i will tell them who that person is and notify that person that someone is in need of their help, this also goes along with me telling them what shop sells the item and what shop has the best price for the item (so they don't get scam).
8. You witness a player cheating, what action do you take?
When i witness a player cheating, it always depends on the context of the situation e.g if a player is caught hacking or outright [rules 1 and 2] cheating i would first screenshot the person cheating or record for evidence then i would jail them for awhile (enough time to inform higher staff and confirm what they are doing is cheating) then if they are proven to had of been cheating it will be a accurately timed ban (7 days if its their first offense, 20 for their 2nd and a lifetime for their 3rd) I remind you that this is in theory that this person has cheated in the worst way possible. If another player i found was afk farming [rule 9] i would take screenshots of the farm and then continue to ban them for their first offense (2 hours) , destroying the farm in the process, and then report it to higher staff. Hopefully you understand my ideology on this matter as i want to be able to treat the players as fairly as possible as most players will not read the rules
9. A player is being disrespectful to another, what action do you take?
If a player is being disrespectful to another player i would first screenshot the comments that have been said and warn them both to not argue with each other and to calm down and try to help them with their disagreements in a logical and civilized fashion. If they continue to fight after they have acknowledged my position and warning i would mute them both for 10 minutes for breaking rule 3. IF they continue after all this i will mute them both for 30 minutes each and warn them that the next offense will be an hour of being muted. If they use glitches or exploits to continue to argue whilst muted (using discord or signs) i will take that as breaking rule 2 and they will both be banned for 20 minutes (i will then report this to the higher staff with all the taken screenshots)
10. Any past experience or current knowledge?
I have a ton of knowledge on both how to handle tough situations and how to help others in the modpack. I have been admin on multiple servers as large as this one and would say that my time with them was great from the start to the end. I know how to use all the commands like ./ban ./jail ./mute ./ kick ./invsee ./tps ./tp etc.
11. Anything else you want to tell us?
Once again thank you for giving me a chance at this role and thank you for reading.

Lots of love - MaZ or Newe (Big Grin)

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