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Accepted Staff Application


My name is Emeralis, a 22 year old (Dutch) gamer who loves spending his time with gaming.
The first thing I want to say is that I apologies if my English is not 100% correct.

So I'm just going to use the list because I think it's the best to compare other people who apply.

1. What's your in-game name?


2. And your Discord name?

3. Your timezone?
UTC +2h (Amesterdam)

4. Which server(s) are you interested in staffing?
Gmod TTT Server

5. How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself a lover for games and animals. Also I love fun and jokes but I can also be very serious when needed to. 

6. What can you bring to the staff team? Why do you want to be staff?
I want to be staff for the people. Not for myself. I want to be there for a fair game for everyone and make sure the server is good and running. Any problems I encounter I and can't solve myself will I send directly to higher staff.

7. Can you give an example of when you've helped out a player on one of our servers?
By telling them how in-game things work. Asking a staff member for their questions. Getting a staff member online when a rdm'er was online. Explain how certain situations worked in TTT and explained how the game went to help them understand more of the game.

8. You witness a player cheating, what action do you take?
First of all I would make 100% he is a cheater instead if a high skilled player. If he really is a cheater I would kick or ban (If I am allowed to) him immediately and contact other staff about my findings.

9. A player is being disrespectful to another, what action do you take?
I warn him and ask him to stop. He keeps going I kick him from the server with another warning. He comes back and continues being disrespectful I temp ban him and notify staff.

10. Any past experience or current knowledge?
I have been admin on a Gmod TTT server called Goodness Gaming. I also have been admin and moderator on Minecraft servers.

11. Anything else you want to tell us?
I love Gmod and I love fun. I wanna make sure the games go fair for everyone. I want to help out the server and help the people playing in the server. I also love the dedicated people in the server which are making the games a lot of fun. I am a busy man and I do not always have time, but when I do and I'm playing Gmod I be 100% sure to be playing on the Proton Server to come and make some fun and help everyone who needs it. 

A thank you for ready my application.

Best Regards


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