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Accepted Staff Application

1. What's your in-game name?

2. And your Discord name?
Maximus Prime

3. Your timezone?

4. Which server(s) are you interested in staffing?
FTB infinity evolved

5. How would you describe yourself?
I am a fair person who is always willing to help when needed. I remain unbiased in my opinions when talking to people and don't discriminate between different groups/people and can always find a way to give the best help i can to whoever needs it.

6. What can you bring to the staff team? Why do you want to be staff?
I want to be able to help people when i can, I will never turn someone down when in need of help. I feel that I will be able to help improve the quality of the server by helping people when they need help and guiding people who have questions or problems that need to be solved.

7. Can you give an example of when you've helped out a player on one of our servers?
Recently the player Viceltsite on the Infinity Evolved needed help with knowing how to earn money and i was able to answer him by letting him know about jobs, shops and voting. However, I have helped many more people for the time i have been on this server.

8. You witness a player cheating, what action do you take?
If i see a player cheating, I will let a higher up member of staff know, however, if a higher member of staff isn't available, I will give the player a temp ban from 12 to 24 hours until proper punishment can be decided and all damage done caused by cheating has been undone. If the player repeats this behavior, then depending on the severity of the cheating, they will be banned unless a higher up member of staff has anything else they would prefer to happen.

9. A player is being disrespectful to another, what action do you take?
I would discourage this and tell the player being disrespectful and to remember the rule that they should be respectful to all players. However, if the player continues to be disrespectful and remains a problem, I will contact another member of staff to gain a second opinion before taking serious action to the situation.

10. Any past experience or current knowledge?
I do not have past experience of being a staff member on a server before, however, I do learn quickly and will be able to adapt to the position and responsibilities that come along with it.

11. Anything else you want to tell us?
I find the server to be one of the best i have been on in a long time and i would love to be part of the staff of this server, especially since the current staff are very nice and good at what they do.

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