We're now a network!


Hi everyone,

After a few hectic weeks, i'm pleased to announce that we can finally call ourselves a real 'network'! 

Upon connection to play.protongaming.co.uk you'll be joined to your last played server, or else moved to the hub - where you can get angry at the dastardly parkour while waiting for the servers to finish restarting. You can use /server (server code (ie, sf, pm, hub)) to move between servers. The server menu player count and tab menu reflect players across the entire network, and server chats have been merged - so you can talk to people on SF while you're on IE. Neat, right?

All of our permissions are now managed from a single database, greatly reducing the time it takes us to launch new servers and add features to our existing ones. It also means that your rank (excluding server specific donator ranks) travels with you! Fairly soon, we'll be launching a subscription-based donator rank called 'Proton Premium' which gets you emerald-level donator perks across all of our servers and additional perks on renewal each month for just 7.99 GBP.

If you have any issues, please do get in touch via. the Discord #help channel or by contacting a senior member of staff directly.

Thanks for playing.

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