Denied Staff Application

Staff Application

1. What's your in-game name?
 My in-game name is: adrianjako

2. And your Discord name?
My discord name is R1eze but the server nickname is adrianjako

3. Your timezone?
I live in norway so my timezone would be gmt+2

4. Which server(s) are you interested in staffing?
im interested in staffing/helping out the infinity evolved server

5. How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a energetic and helpful person. i try my best to make people happy
and my humor accompanies that. its a bit dark for most people liking's but that makes them laugh ether way.
i'm always up for learning and learn fast, always looking to broaden my expertise. 

6. What can you bring to the staff team? Why do you want to be staff?
I can bring fun and a lot of myself into the staff team making it a fun environment for me and others,
as well as a bit of mod knowledge to the table. i want to join the staff team because i want to help people and get rid of the people that does the opposite as well as to meet new people and become a part of the community.

7. Can you give an example of when you've helped out a player on one of our servers?
an example would be when i helped Don fixing his power system that ran on lava, it was malfunctioning because of some wrong block placement but i figured a solution.

8. You witness a player cheating, what action do you take?
if i witness someone is cheating i would try to get proof maybe video proof and send it to a higher mod for considering and if i have the opportunity i would temp ban him for a short while so he learns of his mistakes. if he comes back without changing i'd give him a longer temp ban. and go get a higher mod.

9. A player is being disrespectful to another, what action do you take?
i tell him kindly to stop, if he doesn't listen i will mute him if i have the opportunity or go get a higher mod.
if he keeps harassing i would temp ban him for a day or a few hours so he would learn.

10. Any past experience or current knowledge?
i was mod on the kube network for infinity evolved and other mods  a year ago.

11. Anything else you want to tell us?
Im studying so if i have test or things i need to study for i will give a notice.
Im at school untill 4 am gmt+2 in the weekdays

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