Poll: What price should nether stars be?
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The price of nether stars

I am thinking of increasing the price of nether stars again and I would like your input let me know what you think in this pole and give me your feedback

I've seen Nether stars go for 1000$ on some servers. To obtain Nether stars, you need to first gather wither skeleton heads (skulls) and actually kill a Wither.

Here are some points to consider:
- Just finding wither skeletons is a hell of a job.
- Killing the wither is an annoying and troubling task for someone without flight and/or good armor.
- The value of flight in my opinion should be more than it is.

Finding wither skeletons is just pearls and obby and a paper cleaver. Takes probably .5-1 hours to get 3 (maybe more maybe less depending on spawns, or use a mobspawner)

Killing the wither is fairly hard but there are a few ways to instantly kill it/cheese it.

$250 seems reasonable...

For anyone else who stumbles across this though, the price list is no longer being enforced, it wasn't the right way to go about creating a stable economy.
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